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Mortgage Readiness Program

Over the years I've encountered a countless number of clients who's main objective is to purchase a home.  Many have had the down-payment money & the income, but, unfortunately they neglected their personal credit for many years.

I have put together a program that will help our clients reach their goal of home-ownership, sooner rather than later even with credit scores as low as 500!

This Is Our Process:

  1. For those ready to purchase a home or investment property - you will register into our program.  This allows us to work with you, review your credit, help you get your documents prepped, see if you qualify for down-payment assistance in your state, etc.

  2. Based on your income & down-payment, we will then pre-qualify for a loan amount with our nationwide mortgage lender headquartered in CA & NYC. This helps you find the home best suited for you without becoming house-poor.  The goal is to elevate you, to help you reach your goals without hindering you financially.

  3. If you are not ready to purchase right now, you can enter the program under our RENT WITH OPTION TO BUY, use the time you are in the home to get "mortgage ready" - and within 6 months or less, close on your home.  This requires less upfront money to move-in and allows you to still accomplish your goal of homeownership.

  4. We are partnered with Realtors & Loan Officers nationwide.  If you have not found a realtor in your state that can assist you - when you are registered in our network, we will connect you with one that will work diligently on your behalf to find the home you desire to live in, in the region you want to reside.

What You Need To Know

  • 500 Credit Scores & Above Approved

  • Loans up to $1.5MM

  • Jumbo loans are available

  • Loans Can Be Funded Nationally

  • 1st Time Buyers OK

  • 2nd Buyers OK

  • Owner Occupied OK

  • 25 Day Close For Ready-to-Go Files

  • Commercial Loans Funded

  • FREE Credit Repair Included With Registration

  • This is NOT a Hard Money Loan

  • This program includes FREE credit repair


If you are like millions of American's, in search of purchasing a new home or investing in property (and) you need an accelerated route to closing on a deal - then:


  1. Complete the online questionnaire (see application button on this page)

  2. Then schedule your FREE consultation by booking your appointment under "mortgage solutions" - CLICK HERE

One of our certified representatives will contact you on the day & time you selected to go over your options, determine if you are ready to move forward now and if not, how long it will take to get you:  "Mortgage Ready" in our accelerated program.


Because each file must be "ready to go" prior to landing in the underwriters office - there will be a one-time membership registration & document prep fee of $499 for each client.  If you are a couple registering, the first applicant is $499 and the second applicant is $199.