Lifetime Security Package

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Our Express Credit Repair, Credit Boost & Funding programs are second to none, but when you partner with us, our team will take your net-worth to a new level of financial success!


  • Excellent Credit

  • Always Have Money on Hand

  • Stay Prepared For Emergency Situations

  • Increase Net-Worth to $1MM or More

  • Create a Passive Income of $50K/Yr. or More

  • Pay For Our Services Once You Are Funded

By now you have received your login credentials to access the portal in our Credex platform.  You'll want to begin the process of uploading your required documents and signing any forms in that system to move forward. 

For those interested in the JV Partnership program - the video below will provide some great insight into how this works and the benefits to you. 

Watch the short video's but DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR INFO.  You are already registered in the system. 

There's a JV agreement within your portal.  If the breakdown of the program sounds like the direction you want and/or need to go, than, complete & digitally sign the JV Agreement (within) the portal.

Any additional questions, let me know.