Every year it is my mission to reach out to as many faith-based organizations as I possibly can.  As a believer - I do know that there are congregations nationwide, that are plagued with members who carry the burden of massive debt,  living paycheck-to-paycheck or worse!

Money Management Skills continue to be overlooked in schools and in homes nationwide for most Americans & we don't understand the importance of controlling our finances until its too late.

My goal is to arm the members of the church (and beyond) with the tools and resources they'll need to live their best life.

Financial literacy is often overlooked in the church but this is where it needs to be addressed if the goal is to ultimately eradicate poverty and impoverished mindsets.

In addition to helping the congregation build a strong financial footing - our efforts will empower the church as well through a partnership.

To learn more (and) prayerfully join this cause - complete the quick form below. 

I look forward to helping to move your church family in prosperous direction!

Monique Macklin