Seasoned primary tradelines

Pay After File Submitted & Verified


$10,000 - $20,000 Limits

Primary Installment Lines

$10K Personal Loan Tradeline

Aged 3 Years  - Price:  $1300.00

$20K Personal Loan Tradeline

Aged 3 Years  - Price:  $1600.00


What You Can Expect

Need To Know Information

  • Reports to ALL 3 Major Credit Bureaus

  • Submission time 3-7 days after order placed

  • 30-45 days to post on your credit report.

We will not be providing proof of post because these lines are and will allows be pay after submission to government. 



Process Your Order

  • Copy of Drivers License

  • Full Name

  • Physical Address

  • DOB

  • Copy of SSN Card

  • Phone #

When submitting your order you will be accessing the online portal.  You'll be able to upload the required docs in the system

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  • ​Tradelines will show that the loan is open and will automatically update to paid in full and will close in 2-3 months.

  • If  Tradelines are not paid with in 48 business hours of verifiable proof to gov't, line will report negatively on your file!

  • You must maintain a credit monitoring site at all time with current login.