Making A Decision

Now that you have had a chance to review your proposal - in the "items to be addressed" section, this tells you what items on your credit report need to be addressed in order for your file to move forward with funding.  Below is a breakdown of the program options available to you and you will click the button to begin your application (once you've decided).  Once your full application is received - you'll be invoiced.

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Pay It Forward

Pay After Funding Program

Our Pay It Forward is where we can get your file activated through our investors or through our in-house finance program. You'll submit your fee for $199 or $299 & you're file would be submitted for processing.  If your scores are over 500, you will also be considered for our in-house financing platform which will cover your fees for Phase 1 and/or Phase 2.  If you are not approved, your registration fee will hold your spot for the next batch of files to move forward which will be covered by our investors.  The average wait time is 30-90 days due to the large response we receive from our advertising.


$199 - $299

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Express Credit

Expedite Your File Forward

If you decide you don't want to wait for the investors to release funds and/or you were NOT or CANNOT be approved for the in-house financing option, you can make the decision to expedite your file in our Express Credit Repair program.  Within 3-4 weeks you'll start seeing results & once your file is complete we can have you reconsidered for the in-house financing option or, you may qualify to move straight to funding.  This is our MOST popular program for those that want to move forward without any delays.  You are receiving a $200 - $300 discount instantly when you select this option.

Discounted Fee:

$500 - $600

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Jump All In

Move To The Front of The Line

If you are someone who has the funds to invest in yourself and you want to jump to the head of the line with Phase 1 and/or Phase 2, you have the option to do that in our "All In" Pay In Full program.  This allows us to work on your personal credit file and/or do a corporate build-out simultaneously so when both files are complete, we can expedite your funding process.  Once all rounds of funding are done, you will move forward in our investment platform which will get your money working for you that much sooner.  This is for those who are ready and can afford to take that leap!

Services Fees:

$2500 - $10K