Accelerated Retirement Program

Anyone who knows me (personally & professionally), knows I have a passion for seeing people live their best life.

My area of expertise is finance, so, I tend to focus my energy on guiding my clients' in the best financial direction for their specific needs.

In looking at many of my client's profiles, I recognized a trend that showed an average of 95% of the people I work with are NOT ready or even preparing for a solid retirement.

My clientele ranges from 18 - 80 and when I am able to "lift" the weight of financial stresses and burdens and/or open new investment opportunities, I jump at the chance to do so!

Our Accelerated Retirement Program is more than a way to retire well or to retire early. It's a program devised to create a new lifestyle. To build wealth. To live life on your own financial terms. To advance in life while edifying those you love and care about. In short...our goal is to financially empower YOU!

To learn more - visit us online at:

My goal is to help you: save more, invest wisely and to create a path towards prosperity.

I'll see you at the top...the bottom is too crowded!

Monique M.

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