My Pride Won't Let Me Prosper

Today's blog post is very personal to me because I know what most of my clients and potential clients go through when it comes to making a decision to hire someone to help rebuild their credit scores.

There are various emotions someone will go through from:

  • Embarrassment

  • Shame

  • Sense of Failure

  • Not Wanting People In Their Business &

  • Even Hopelessness

In my 20+ years in this industry - I've encountered a multitude of reasons "WHY" people delay their own success but the number ONE reason why is PRIDE! It amazes me how so many people will suffer in silence instead of seeking help.

  • If your engine light appears on your car - you'll take it to a repair shop to find out why.

  • If your heat or A/C unit goes out in your home - you'll call maintenance to find out why.

  • If your cellphone is not operating properly - you'll take it to your carrier to find out why.

  • When it comes to your personal credit - you'll procrastinate & put if off to"another day!"

Sadly, "another day" often times comes when you actually NEED your credit and because you weren't proactive in resolving your poor credit scores - you'll end of paying a hefty price of either: HIGH INTEREST RATES or APPLICATION DENIED!

  • In America it is a known fact that over 43 MILLION people have credit scores below 599

  • Half of American's don't know their TRUE credit scores &

  • The average combined debt for most American's is over $100,000

These numbers are staggering because banks are getting richer from people who refuse to take control of their finances! People with poor credit end up paying a high price for the things they need:

  • Car Loans

  • Insurance

  • Credit Cards

  • Mortgages

Some people even jeopardize their employment by allowing poor credit to fester in their lives!

Having a 700+ credit score vs. a 599 credit score could save you $4,800/year on average for a car loan.

I am not sure why someone would NOT make it a priority to rebuild their credit because if you have poor credit, you'll often pay more for something you don't even want. And YES...poor credit also limits your options!!

If you desire a new luxury car and you get to a dealership and drive off with an aged vehicle you really don't want...99.999% of the time, your credit score told a story you were hoping the banks would overlook!

My goal is that if you are someone who truly wants to know what true financial independence feels like. Someone who is tired of crossing their fingers every time a loan application is ran or a person who is tired of suffering in silence!! If this is you, then make the decision to not only rebuild your credit worthiness but also to gain access to tools & resources that will be beneficial to you and your family for many years to come!

If you are like most American's:

  1. You are financially illiterate (don't worry, over 43 million people are)

  2. You don't know what parameters are used to determine your credit score(s)

  3. You believe in the myths that are perpetuated often that bad debt must remain on your credit for 7-10 years (i.e., bankruptcy, foreclosures, tax liens, judgements, etc.)...(false)

  4. You believe that in order to get an item removed from your credit is to pay the debt (false)

  5. You believe the credit agencies are directly associated with the government (false)

  6. You believe information on your credit reports cannot be changed and/or updated (false)

Then I invite you to contact me for a FREE confidential consultation!

  • Our process is simple

  • Our program is affordable

  • We're rated A+ with the BBB

  • You'll receive a full credit management suite (not just credit repair)

  • You'll be able to monitor your progression securely online

  • You'll be connected to our FB group for support and motivation

  • We have almost 15 years experience

  • Tens-of thousands of satisfied customers &

  • Almost 1 MILLION derogatory files have been deleted from credit reports nationwide

We offer more services & solutions while costing less than our competition!

For Your FREE Consultation - Choose An Option Below:

  • Call: (888) 902-2294 or (410) 929-6212 or

  • Schedule An Appointment - CLICK HERE or

  • Complete Our Online Questionnaire To Get Started - CLICK HERE

I look forward to helping you reach your credit & financial goals.

Don't let your Pride stop you from Prospering!

Successfully yours

Monique Macklin

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