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In life there are many lessons to be learned. One of the most repetitive lessons people tend to revisit is their relationship with credit and money. These two entities live in the same space because they are so directly intertwined with a person's success...and/or failure!

How The System(s) Have Failed Us

The educational system is one of the first entities that has failed us as American's because while the "powers that be" we busy creating lesson plans that dealt with "Reading, wRiting & aRithmetic" they left out the biggest lesson to make it in this world, i.e., Money Management Skills!

As in all things, we need the to have access to the tools and resources to excel. If we are not provided this information, most of the journey forward will be filled with trial and error. Some will recover fast while others will never recover at all.

Nothing is more heart-wrenching than having a front seat to someone else's downward spiral, especially if it's your own! Unfortunately, people from different backgrounds are not provided with the same advantages when it comes to money and the school system should be a place that fills in the gaps for those privy to fiscal deficiencies.

The other "safe haven" that should have provided better monetary education is the home-front.

I understand that parents believe they are doing a child a great benefit by keeping them out of "adult" issues, but, children have a right to know about bills. How they're created, how they're paid, how they can and will affect your credit and if not managed properly can ruin your financially life.

It is our job to give our kids a head start in life...NOT give them everything they ask for! The job is to empower them NOT to hinder them. Whether you're around (or not), your child should be equipped with the tools to: cook, clean, conduct themselves, make money and MANAGE the money they earn.

In short, set your children up to WIN...

If you do not possess the skills to edify your children because you too are a product of a failed educational system...then its your duty to develop those skills. In this day and age there are NO excuses!

Because of the many financial setbacks I've had in life, I surrounded myself with books, videos, seminars and people who have the answers. As a result, I've created a career that allows me to enlighten those that are ready to come out of the darkness.

Struggle is the cousin to hustle and instead of living a life constantly trying to make ends meet...I opted for the alternative...TO HUSTLE!

The grind starts early and sometimes it doesn't go to bed at night because I am striving for something that is bigger than myself! My goal is not to just create a limitless bank account but to leave a legacy for my child and my grandchildren.

The same skills I want for you are the same tools I am committed to passing on to my own family. I feel I've been through enough financially for everyone and NOW that I know better, my desire is to DO better and paying it forward is my life's goal and mission.

Whether you do business with me or not, I provide a FREE confidential consultation for a Financial Analysis. I feel if you are provided the information, you have to then give yourself permission to advance in life or remain the same.

If remaining dormant works for you, than as a financial educator, I have to respect that. I'll arm you with the tools & resources...its up to you to make application of them towards your personal elevation.

Yes, the educational system may have failed many of us. The way we were raised may have let us down as well...but you cannot allow that to hinder your progression.

If you are committed to making 2018 the beginning of a prosperous journey - than take advantage of the FREE Financial Analysis today. At the very least, you'll know where you are currently so you can prepare for where you want to go in the future!

I'll see you at the top, because the

bottom is too crowded!

-Monique Macklin

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