The Pink Cadillac Effect

I've been in the Sales & Marketing industry (in one form or another) for over 20 years now and the one thing that excites me (when I come across one) - is seeing someone driving a shiny pink Cadillac. The reason I am in awe of this sight is because - ANYONE driving one of these luxury vehicles has put in a lot of time not only building their brand but also growing a strong team of entrepreneurs.

For those of you in the clouds and unaware of the industry that delivers brand new pink Cadillac's to its team of agents, its the Mary Kay cosmetics business.

With over 54 years, 35 countries and over 3 million independent beauty consultants - Mary Kay cosmetics constantly reminds me that the direct sales/network marketing industry is alive and well & thriving daily!

When I see that pink car, I am inspired and motivated and filled with a new level of determination.

Now...please understand - I do not market the Mary Kay business but over the years, I continue to be a happy customer. I don't have to make money off of a business to admire their core company concept which was to empower women (and men) nationwide to live their best lives being their own bosses!

After 50+ years - people are STILL being awarded pink Cadillac's....just proves that the concept of Network Marketing WORKS!!!

$100.00+ An Hour!

Most people cannot fathom earning that kind of money because they don't believe they are worthy!

I honestly average more than that and I share with the many people I encounter worldwide - how they too can do the same! The best thing about what I do & the people who are on my team (who actually put in the work) is...

  • We are committed to our own success!

  • We are committed to our team's success!

  • We are not selling products, potions & lotions!

  • We create our own schedules!

  • We represent a solution that more than 43 million people need!

  • Our clients receive REAL life solutions that MOST Americans' need access to!

  • We get paid EVERY THURSDAY!

I am in the business of Empowerment! Personal & Business Development is my business and its a very lucrative industry for those that have a true desire to help others reach their full potential in this life!

Part of the reason I never shared with my friends & family what I do is because most are not serious about changing their lives!

These are the same people that will inbox and/or call me and ask me "what am I doing" (over and over again - usually when they are in a bind)...and when I tell them...STILL...nothing changes!

They will continue to search online for a $15/hr an hour job and wonder why each and every year...they are no further ahead than they were the last time they asked me "what I am doing!"

When I share the same information with strangers...8 times out of 10...they move forward. Usually the stranger already has the mindset needed to change their life, so the process is not that difficult. Not only that...they are willing to do the WORK!

I should not have to convince someone that earning over $10,000/monthly is a much better situation than earn $4,000/monthly! We all took math in school....and we all know when our coins are falling short in the monthly living expenses category!

This is not "shade" but reality! I want to see everyone I know win in life but in order for that to occur, people have to be willing to change their mindset!

Getting Out Of Your Own Way!

Just as wealth is a mindset - I strongly believe that poverty/struggling is a mindset too! No one wants to worry month-after-month how they are going to survive! That's not living!! But when I tell people that they need to invest in themselves to get to the first level of financial freedom - they (people I know personally) will not move forward but 5 minutes later are posting about a new purchase they made (which they probably couldn't afford)!

If you can take the time to buy a $300 purse - surely you can find $300 and 10 hours a week to start executing your REAL retirement plan!

Life has been a lot simpler since I no longer deal with people full of excuses! As I said, my goal at all times is to empower people worldwide...but in order for me to do my job...your heart and mind must be ready to receive and accept change!

If you truly believe that $20/hr an hour job is going to give you the "breakthrough" you've been desiring ALL your life than you are sadly mistaken!

Learn how to step out on faith (truly)...and embrace a future of freedom! Pass down something to your children/grandchildren that is worthwhile besides debt! Stop going to work everyday to work with people you really can't stand to collect a paycheck that is NOT making a real impact in your life!

Think bigger, dream bigger...Get out of your own way!!!

In Closing!

I am excited about my future and the futures of the many people I will encounter this year and the many years to come that are ready for a true change in their lives! When you eliminate the "money stresses" in your life...the whole world really does avail itself to you!

I made the decision 10 years ago that I was over being a slave to waking up (when I didn't want to), driving in traffic 2+ hours a day to go to a place that I did not want to be at! My money was pretty decent but my time (honestly) much more valuable than a paycheck!

Now, don't get me wrong, I had to have a game-plan in order to make that move and I stepped out on faith with a goal, a dream, my computer and the internet paid for that month (October 2008)...and I have NOT looked back since!

In the future....I look forward to seeing more Pink Cadillac's on the road because they truly do symbolize to me, that someone (like me) decided to take their life in their OWN hands & LIVE life on their OWN terms!

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To Your Massive Success!


Oh that you would bless me indeed & enlarge my territory - that your hand would be with me - that you would keep me from evil - that I may not cause pain!

Prayer of Jabez

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