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When it comes to securing a strong financial foundation, everyone wants one, but not everyone knows how to make that a reality. One thing most common-sense thinking individuals understand is, working a job is not going to secure your future. Truth be told, your job is barely securing your present situation. This is why we have to begin to not only think differently about money, but you must also take action if you don't want to continue in a financial struggle.

My company is partnered with some of the best money management specialists in the United States and we all agree that what is failing most American's is:

  • Lack of Financial Education &

  • Lack of Financial Resources

That is how the Pay It Forward program was birthed. We know there are people out there who have access to both and they understand how money works. So when you explain to them how they can invest in everyday people and receive a 100% return on your money in 90 days, it doesn't take long for them to come on board!

How our program works:

  • Investors will invest $2500 - $3500 into repairing and rebuilding a clients poor credit file

  • Once that file is restored to a 700+ FICO, we can then take that file to personal funding

  • Once personal funding is attained, the client will pay a back-end fee and repay the investor $5000 - $7000.

  • The investor just made a 100% return on his/her money & can now repeat this process with other individuals

  • Thus creating a solid passive income every 90 days

  • Most investors will "pay it forward" for 10 or more clients at a time so they can experience larger returns every 90 days

  • If an investor assists 10 people every 90 days, he or she will create $100,000 in profit within 12 months

No bank is offering these returns!

  1. The beauty in all of this is now, we have clients who have just been funded.

  2. They will go on to do a corporate build-out.

  3. Once the corporation is complete, we will take that file for business funding.

  4. Clients average $250K or more in funding.

  5. Not only can he/she become a "pay it forward" investor, but they will now have access to other financial tools & resources to continuously grow their money.

The goal is to teach our clients how to use the banks money & other people's money to leverage forward financially. When that goal is accomplished, this client can now reach back and bring 10 more people along in the process, every 90 days. Nothing is more gratifying then being a blessing to others and forever passing it forward.

Without financial education, people will forever be in a cycle of repairing their credit, getting funded and going broke and doing it all over again. But...when you incorporate a plan that includes: financial intelligence, credit and money management, smart investments & more, you will see that you can employ your money to work for you as opposed to you having to grind day-in and day-out for money that NEVER is enough!

If you are interested in becoming a client in our "pay it forward" program: CLICK HERE

If you are interested in becoming an investor and earning 100% returns: SCHEDULE HERE

When you know better, you do better!

Monique Macklin

Financial Empowerment Coach

PH: (410) 929-6212


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